SIP settings

 The Nokia E series is the best of both worlds in one mobile
 handsets, with automatic selection of Voice over IP, when available.
Here's a brief outline of the phone configuration:
www.vphonegold.com Users
1. Tools > Settings > Connections > SIP Settings
2. Add a new profile called "vphonegold"
3. Service Profile: IETF
4. Default Access Point: (Select your Service provider AP)
5. Public Username: sip:Usser id@gw.vphonegold.com
6. Use Compression: No
7. Registration: Always on
8. Use Security: No
Proxy Server:
9. Registrar Server Address: None
10. Realm: none
11. User Name: None
12. Password: None
13. Allow loose routing: Yes
14. Transport Type: UDP
15. Port: 5060
Registrar Server:
16. Address: sip:gw.vphonegold.com
17. Realm: asterisk
18. Username: vphonegold user id
19. Password: vphonegold a/c password
20. Transport type: UDP
21. Port: 5060
Nokia E51 Internet Telephone Configure:
1. Go to Tools > Settings > Connection > Internet Telephone Settings
2. Create a new profile for "Home", name it "Home"
3. Choose "Home" as Preferred profile
4. Menu > Connectivity > Internet Telephone > Options > 
    Settings > Default Call Type
5. Select: Internet call.

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